CitraTest VU
Performance & Load Testing for all Citrix and
Terminal Services Environments
CitraTest VU
Why CitraTest VU®?

Maximize your ROI- Test all Citrix, RDS & Microsoft Terminal Services environments with just one license. All Citrix applications (MetaFrame, NFuse, Presentation Server…), all Remote Desktop Services and Microsoft Terminal Services with one solution. Plus all client versions are fully supported without any modifications (web, NFuse, ICA, Terminal Services, RDP, etc.).

Accurately models real user activity to ensure complete testing accuracy by using the actual client GUI, exactly as a real user would. End-to-end application response time metrics are also measured at the actual client UI under different levels of virtual user activity.
Embeds intelligent, proprietary image recognition to simplify test script development. CitraTest VU® scripts are “intelligent” and verify that each step is completed before continuing to the next one, regardless of the response latency. On the contrary, other tools rely on time delays between steps, and the scripts can quickly fail when response times increase and they get “out of sync” with the application-under-test. Plus, CitraTest VU® uses dynamic image searching and does not require images to be displayed at the same location on the screen.
CitraTest VU®’s Visual Basic scripting is simple, intuitive, standard and open. CitraTest VU® scripting functions are easy to understand and translate to real user actions, such as clicking, verifying, waiting, measuring latency or entering keystrokes. Get up and running in minutes, with a powerful and intuitive point-and-click scripting wizard that will automatically create all of the script logic for you, no scripting skills required.
Realize non-intrusive load testing. Execute large volumes of real user transactions to test your applications, without installing any production software or changing your application code. All testing is performed in the “as delivered, as deployed” state for complete peace of mind and protection.
Save Time, Money and Resources. CitraTest VU® scripts can be used for both testing and ongoing proactive monitoring, so you can fulfill multiple enterprise requirements at once. Monitor application availability, response time, and verify Service Level Agreements across production and pre-production applications with CitraTest VU® scripts and CitraTest APM!